Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04

So what do I think? I am not keen on the magenta opening screen. I loved the chocolate and I still think Ubuntu 8 whatever has the best opening screens and backdrops. Ubuntu 10.04 looks the part though and has a very nice GUI. Very smooth. I got my wallpaper to match. I am pleased there are all the good screen savers back. The optical light is amazing but so are some of the others. The good Ubuntu screen savers are just so cool and different. I was surprised they had removed most of them in Ubuntu 9 whatever. Ubuntu 10.04 comes with some very good apps and everything works well. The only problem I had was the digital TV but now I have MeTV going and I really like the interface .I makes watching TV on the computer so easy. Ubuntu has the help file right up the top next to the browser icon but there is a LOT of really helpful information on the Internet . Anything I have a problem with I search for on the Net and the Linux and Ubuntu sites are very helpful and they have some good stuff on You Tube as well. That impressed me. It's so easy to follow it so I'll be back there. Magenta screen aside, I am pretty happy with Ubuntu 10.04. What were they thinking?! CHOCOLATE!!!

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