Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spider Goats

Spiders also have a tendancy to eat each other, so milking one thread from six out of a solo spider was clearly never going to service the entire human race.

I haven't picked my jaw up yet. This is the sort of  mind blowing stuff I like to read. It is well written, gives me the information I need and has quite a good sense of humour. It is such an extraordinary story and I like to read about just how ingenious we are as human beings and how we can use our brains and curiosity to further ourselves in a good way. We do not promote enough of this capacity of ours to be amazing. Scientists have  spliced spider genes into goats' milk so they can harvest the spider webs from the milk to use  the silk for fishing lines, sutures, ligament replacement...wherever it takes us scientifically. It is just mind boggling and the whole article is well worth the read. I shall never look at cob webs in the same way again.

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