Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Phar Lap allegedly poisoned

As to who it was who might have poisoned Phar Lap, Dr Kempson says we will probably never know.

Doesn't hurt to ask nor to keep pursuing it because Phar lap is written into the annals of our history and our hearts and souls. Phar Lap is an icon. From time to time the discussions erupt and they hold centre stage for a while because when something precious comes to an unseemly and untimely end you don't let go of it. You want the truth. These experts have gone to extraordinary and meticulous lengths to determine whether Phar Lap was indeed poisoned by arsenic. It is a perfect example of a case that could be worked on globally now until it is resolved. We all have the capacity to connect and when it comes to solving the mysteries of life then online collaboration is the way to go. It would cement the technological paradigm of our new century. I hope they do find out who did it. All Australians would probably like to know. Things like this will never bring anything back to life but it would put right a wrong if what the experts have found is true. Someone has to know something which will lead to another something and eventually we shall reach that level of critical mass which will resolve the Phar Lap story.

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