Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Phantom Post Snatcher

Strange things have been happening in the blogosphere of late. Posts have been snatched and have dematerialised before my very eyes in a twinkling. In a microsecond the post is gone. Vanished. The phantom post snatcher has no allegiance to any blog provider. Posts have vanished  both on Wordpress and Blogger. Glitch. White out. Gone. No draft to save me. Nothing.Words sucked up into cyberspace in one easy glitch.Twice it has happened on Wordpress and even the page presentation was changed so I could not publish and then bang...gone! My words devoured by the phantom post snatcher. On Blogger she was less hungry for words. She came in, devoured the middle of my post and left me with the top and bottom which , I confess, were not very tasty morsels. Now my problem is what bait to set to trap the phantom post snatcher or maybe I should just prepare dull,bland and tasteless posts? One to give her indigestion?

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