Thursday, May 27, 2010

Online ID

I posted a keynote address about Identity 2.0 earlier  and I want to come back to that. I have some real issues about having an online ID which everyone knows. I can see that being misappropriated and misued and want the whole thing properly discussed before we move entirely over to that online identity and we shall. Already they have sites which try and match up all your online stuff and then there is the burgeoning of Web 2.0 where real people are moving online in a big and effective way. What is currently really getting on my goat is the fact that I have to register everywhere to sometimes even get to see what is something which is on offer. It ought to be a shop front not a gated community. That aside I am tired of 700 passwords and logins and I am tired of having to constantly register so having one online login for everything would be good. Or would it? I get Twitter and Facebook, my bank, my email and Windows Live and the Ubuntu community. In my mind they all have a right to a registration from me...but every site and its dog??? There is pressure to merge and identify who you are and what you do online. The internet is far nosier than real life. Perhaps it has reason to be. Perhaps not. So open up the floodgates and let's get a good global talk going about Identity 2.0 and what we need and what we want. I am happy to have an online identity which links my blogs and Twitter and so on. There is the real world and there is online...but what is the line on? Where do we draw the line?  Where indeed!

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