Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No for sale signs on cars

"The primary purpose of the by-law is to stop the potentially dangerous practice of having multiple drivers stopping to look at a car advertised for sale on the side of a road.

The article gives a good run down of the situation. If the problem is where the for sale cars are parked then can we look at that and approach it slightly differently rather than fining people for putting a for sale sign on their car? Some of this will be financial desperation and some of it will be the usual not thinking. Cars for sale are often at the front of the owner's property on the lawn. Some are on blocks of vacant land or in areas where there is off road land so people can see the cars. That to me is a risk to the owner whose car may be damaged while out of the owner's view. That tends to suggest they are desperate. I think public education about where to park a car for sale, some help with advertising it in the classifieds and a bit of awareness raising of the issues is what we need. Cars for sale around the place have been a part of our landscape and lifestyle for years. The councils need to start getting people onside through the Messenger Press or creating a workable approach to selling cars. There is always a contact number on the car for sale so a phone call to any owner of a thoughtlessly parked car is all it takes and they then have a chance to move it. If they won't move it , that is another matter. It might also be an idea to create a Sunday morning car sale fest. Car dealers  and the RAA might like to help support  that one . Let's get festive about it and turn it into an event. That's my bit, what about you?

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