Sunday, May 23, 2010

Methuselah Genes

Mona Hancock is one who can thank good genes for her long life as she celebrates her 101st birthday today.

Well, apparently Mona Hancock has Methuselah genes and that is why she could celebrate being 101 yesterday. Ninette's hairdresser which is shown in the video next to the article made a real fuss of her and you can see in the video that Mona is happy, well and incredibly positive. She believes keeping busy all her life is her secret. Scientists have discovered the Methuselah gene and it is in a third of people who life to a ripe old age. And the other two thirds? When you listen to people who have grown quite old they all tend to be animated and interested in life and so I would think your enthusiasm for living would have something to do with it and the fact your hairdressers take notice and make a fuss of you! If Mona Hancock can still inspire that kind of affection from people then that is probably part of her secret too. There is a lot to learn form this story because it's all about relationships and how important they are.

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