Sunday, May 02, 2010

Help Desk

Sometimes you go round in circles trying to resolve and solve technical problems. Asking for support, emailing for support, consulting help files and site support can end up driving you to a state of extreme frustration.  You have to accurately know the problem. The quickest way to get the right words is to search online. Use more than one search engine. CD popping out may not be the right words. You also need to know the names of parts and leads and this is where online searches and manuals are helpful. Can't watch online TV is often too vague. Which cord have you plugged in and where? What tuner card or USB are you using. Be specific. My quick ways of solving technical problems are these:

1. Ask the question on as many social networks as you have. The word gets out and people can be very helpful
2. Search online on more than one search engine and change the words of the search until you get the results you need. Sometimes you have to specifically change to UK, USA or another country to get better results.
3. Email tech support of the companies with a hardware  or software problem. Some companies get back to you almost instantly, some the next day aand some several days later with no help whatsoever.
4. Read the manual. Sometimes it is online.
5. Know the product number or the software version and know which OS you are using.

I have to confess that Windows 7 has been very good at trouble shooting all by itself and I have loaded old peripherals without a single hiccough. Apple OS will resolve the problem but I have often found it is browser related so I change form Camino to Safari to Firefox according to my needs. Ubuntu will troubleshoot in the background and often bring you the files you need to reolve issues or at least point you in the right direction.

There is one last place to get help and that's You Tube. I have been amazed how many helpful people have made videos about what I am trying to solve! The last tip is patience. Computers will sort themselves out and you can help them by being calm at all times. The crankier you get, the more they play up it seems!

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