Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fix it up phase

I am going through a fix it up phase and about time. Things just get left and you put up with things when the obvious thing to do is just go and fix it. So I now how a whole list behind me of annoying things I have remedied and my life has lifted to a new high! Unfixed things create a drag somehow. So I have had the dicky power points in the kitchen fixed, I have a new roller door with a remote, I have rebuilt the garden box out the back and re edged my garden. I have removed the weeds which came in the lawn last year because of the wind. I have ordered my new dining room chairs today, replaced my wobbly computer chair, upgraded my home insurance onto a more effective plan. I have regrouted in the bathroom and the list just goes on. Each day I put on my list the things I know I can easily fix. Enough of the lack of action, the lethargy and the "I haven't got time". It has taken me a lot less time than I thought and I feel so much better for it. I  have now decided that the end of autumn is a good time to have a fix it phase and let go of my inertia and all the things which need fixing!

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