Monday, May 03, 2010

Burn Offs out of control

A prescribed burn-off in Coffin Bay on the Eyre Peninsula has jumped lines and the CFS issued a warning about smoke drifting across the Coffin Bay Rd from Flinders Hwy to Airport Lane.

I really am not surprised that people decided to burn off today and then it all fell apart. We have had some superb autumn days. Just superb and it has turned our minds to our gardens and our plants. We have thought about how we can make our gardens better and how we can heat proof them. So I imagine the farmers would have been thinking that way too and today was another one of those lovely days but around three o'clock the wind really blew up and it was quite strong and had come from nowhere. If the same happened on the Eyre Peninsula , then yes, things would have fallen apart and no wonder the CFS is working its backside off again. The weather is just so unpredictable one way or another.

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