Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ants in iPod dock

Okay, I suppose it's not really newsworthy but it has created quite a commotion on the home front. The ants were on the cupboard top. Now these were the same ants I was trying to get rid of from the garden gate outside the room the iPod dock is in. I thought I had won my battle. I should have known ants are invincible. These tiny terrors can create such a hoo-ha. There isn't a trail...except out of the two round holes on the back of the clock dock. It is very  strange. The alarm had been playing up...going off some mornings and not others...the ants have been in there messing  with its inner workings. It's the oddest thing I have seen in a while. Ants are in the garden or food cupboards or they trail from your front door to somewhere or other and they climb trees! Well, now they nest in iPod docks. Who would have thought. Guess others have seen odd ant venues too. The dock is in the bin. Couldn't stop the ants coming what?!

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