Friday, April 09, 2010

We're not shopoholics!!

"I absolutely believe women spend three years of their lives shopping," she said.

Recent UK research suggests women spend a total of 2 years and 10 months shopping.  That's good news!! I expected a much high number when I clicked on the news post. I can spend whole days at the shops and love it. At a recent gathering all the women were incredibly clear about the fact they'd rather spend a day at Bunnings than clothes shopping. We like shopping , certainly, but we like to have fun shopping and Bunnings is just a fairyland of interesting things and ideas. Three years in a whole life time is such a small amount! I like shopping for clothes and shoes but I am just as happy shopping for food , electricals, IT and hardware. I love buying cars and have that down to a fine art now. I am about to get my new HD TV and I can't wait. I have been running on a set top box which made things a lot better but it is time to get rid of my hulking brute of a TV and I have just changed the lounge the new TV is right on the horizon now. I shop with a purpose and invariably it's about changes in me or my home...and then the lovely thing of shopping for Christmas or someone's birthday.

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