Saturday, April 03, 2010

Weird Weather

On the whole we have valued the lovely autumn days we have been having. It has been a break form the relentless heat but we are all acknowledging we had a pretty strange summer and that the weather is rather odd. At the moment it can be very cold in the morning. This morning the wind was icy as my sister and I went shopping early to get the last bits for Easter. It then turned into a pretty nice day and some people were having BBQs. Yesterday was nice too with a light breeze. Enough to dry my washing easily. But it has often been very warm and humid in the late afternoon and then it will get cold and then warm and then windy or rainy. The weather has been oddly humid this summer and it has been getting people down. I wonder if anyone is studying the effects of the constant weather changes on people. The extremes are extreme and the oddities are very much out of character. Our bodies have to constantly adjust. The other thing with Adelaide is we have all been getting sore eyes and terrible allergies. Adelaide has always been a good place for allergies but they seem to be exceeding themselves this year.

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