Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Volcano 1 Air Flights 0

What an amazing set of circumstances. Nature doing what nature does but in our overpopulated, mobile planet driving a dynamic economic climate...we are facing so many problems  we need to resolve. Not much is being said about the people in Iceland. The farmers there are having to go out in the ash to find their animals and bring them into barns to protect them from inhaling the volcanic ash which is full of fluoride and will damage their stomachs. It means the farmers have to go out in the ash to feed and water their animals in the barns. Nothing is being said about how this will affect peolpe and the ash cloud is drifting over northern Europe. Some hope that will be eased now the lava is starting to come out. But then there are the rose growers in Kenya whose beautiful roses have been returned and whose industry continues in the hope their roses will get back onto the European markets. Then the 8 million people who are stranded and every one of them will have a story. There is talk of flights being dearer to Europe because of the limit on the flights but that will put pressure on the economy and the domino effect is already becoming clear. Britain is sending in navy ships to bring home the Brits. It takes a month for an Australian ship to get to Europe and by that time things will have changed. Our Aussies are presumably just stuck there battling out what is a set of extraordinary circumstances. Air Space has never been cleared like this and it's good for the carbon emissions but our lifestyle is not allowing for things like this to occur so most of the talk is about money. I hope the people in Iceland are okay. It seems their land is now contaminated and will have to be dealt with. At this stage the international community is going to have to realise that this is BIG and international communities will have to rally to help when people work out what is needed.

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