Thursday, April 15, 2010

Retail Therapy Works

Certainly does when you have the right people! I have had some interesting shopping experiences lately. Department stores seem to be understaffed and so a) you are trailing around trying to find the spot you actually purchase the item and b) the staff are either busy doing something else or not there and so you have to wait. It then comes down to asking yourself if the price is worth the inconvenience or being a bit proactive in finding staff to serve you. The other day I couldn't find what I wanted in my favourite hardware fairyland of wonders. I had looked and looked. No one was around so I went to the information desk and waited and waited. I thought it was me but when I finally got to the check out queue the lady behind me was telling me how fed up she had been trying to get her couple of items put through at the info desk. I knew how she felt. When I did finally get the attention of the person on the info desk she was very presumptuous. "Of course we have them."  
"I know that, but I cannot seem to find them and I have been looking for ages."  So then she spoke with the guy who was cutting a key. He too was very  offhand but told me the aisle and left it at that. I knew the aisle and had just come from there. Okay, I went back and looked up and down...yes up...they were quite high up for a short person ! Done. Mission accomplished but I felt it let the whole rest of the team down because in the rest of the store the staff chatted , were helpful and were friendly and the guy at the door called out to me and wished me a happy day on my way out. That store is famous for its happy, helpful environment.

So then, today I went out to buy a specific DVD recorder. The guys at JB Hi Fi where I was supposed to be able to get it according to the internet, couldn't do enough. They asked, checked stock lists, googled...still not the brand and model. While they were putting themselves out big time to help me we were chatting and so , in the end I have come home with a super duper blue ray/DVD recorder which will hook into the wifi and home network. I am gobsmacked and delighted. They put themselves out. They explained what I didn't understand and in the end I was confident enough to buy something much bigger and better than what I had originally planned to buy. All this because they were friendly , knew their job, treated me with respect and then worked out I could actually do more than I said and so could purchase something fancier. I am stoked and JB Hi Fi saved the day again!!

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