Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mobile Phone Study

"We still cannot rule out the possibility that mobile phone use causes cancer. The balance of evidence suggests that it does not, but we need to be sure."

Mobile phone studies have come and gone and the evidence tends to suggest they are not a problem and that they do not contribute to cancer. It would seem however, there is a feeling of uneasiness in scientists and medical professionals so now there is this UK study which will span 20-30 years in the hope of getting more accurate data. Maybe it's a case of scientists getting the results they want but somehow I don't think so. I think we really need to have a  good look at the impact of radio and microwaves on our systems and the effects of wi-fi and satellite dishes. I can't believe they would not be affecting us and electronic smog must have an impact on organic systems. We can do and say nothing without the data and people are working on it. It's important because our homes and offices are full of this equipment and people may be being affected without really having any clear idea that it is actually the technology which is the problem and not them. This article written in 2006 sheds some light and the reasons why we keep coming back to the studies to get better information.

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