Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The locusts are coming...

According to this article the locusts are on the way to SA. Given that we had an article at the weekend about locust pizza...mmmmm...what's for dinner? My first dog used to love locusts. She'd go out in the garden and crunch, crunch, crunch...delicious! I have never had a locust eating dog since. Last time we had locusts I had two young girls out in the garden with buckets and lids collecting them?! Their idea. It amused them for ages and they caught heaps.  I can't actually remember what they did with them.If the other animal collections are to go by, they probably let them go! In the suburbs they are a nuisance and can make driving hazardous but on farms they would be awful because they are so destructive. They have intervened to try and cut the population...I wonder if we'll get them here. We haven't had locusts in ages. I haven't missed them.

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