Friday, April 09, 2010

It's raining!!

Yes, we have had a lot more rain again and we are jubilant! Most people in Adelaide have hated warm and humid. It hasn't bothered me but warm and humid is not Adelaide. A lot of people have felt ill with it and it has created depression. Is anyone studying the effects of mad weather on people? The worst thing is the flux in temperature, barometric pressure and then the addition of wind or storms. But today we have rain and we are loving it. Our lawns have runners and we haven't seen those in such a long time! The birds are out playing happily  and Adelaide is becoming green. It looks so nice when it is green .Yes, they are still building our desal monument which has done its best to disrupt one way or another...but it will be there when we need it. Adelaide is famous for its harsh the accounts of the explorers. So we need and love this rain but we need to use our brains to be ready for when it all changes again. Thinking is good!!

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