Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home cooked and happy

The TLC site has 10 home cooked meals guaranteed to make you happy and you probably know and like a few of them. Chocolate anything!! Yes, you can. It'll  make you happy and TLC explains why but then there are things like spaghetti and meatballs and macaroni cheese. I'm a pasta person so they really hit the spot with me and now I know they make me happy too! I'll forgo the turkey and mashed potato but it was surprising when I looked at these foods how many of them were a big feature in my life and I had an emotional tie to them. Another reason to enjoy home cooked because the sharing of meals has a long lasting impact emotionally and food can bring back some good memories. Home cooked doesn't mean hard and troublesome. Home cooked can be faster than going out to buy something. I love the flavours and everyone appreciates the smell of home cooked meals. I like it when people visit and they appreciate the aromas of the food I am preparing. It adds to a good atmosphere. We are lucky in Adelaide because we have good food choices and the supermarkets have made a point of supplying ideas and good food at a good price to those who have to watch their budget. I have been impressed with how much the local supermarkets have made an effort to bring some good food at an economical price with recipes to go with it to their shoppers. Same with the fresh food places. They too have made a real effort to supply a range of delectable goods at a reasonable price and it's even better when they will chat away about how to prepare their products. That certainly adds to the happiness factor   in food.

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