Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earthquake in Adelaide

My daughter thought is was a loud truck or something and said the shelves and walls rattled. I slept though it but it may have been the part where I thought the hoons were hairing down the street again. Some places seem to have shaken more than others and my sister down the road didn't seem much bothered by it. In town friends were saying their buildings were trembling and the vibrations were going through them. It seems to have destabilised some people quite a bit and others have just gone through it and it has passed. Social networking has hyped it up a bit because the connections are made so fast. The anxiety has not been relieved that way, so many people are left anxious and worried. We live on a fault line. We know that but we don't really get much bother from it. It has happened once before that I remember and that one was bigger. Family in NZ just laugh at me because they are movers and shakers from way back. What it has done though is remind of us of our geographical disposition and maybe more and better thought should go into how we are going to manage an earthquake which might be like the 1954 one and how we could help ourselves better and get our buildings and networks into better shape for anything like that happening. It was a bit of a blight on the glorious autumn weather we have been having which had got us into such a good mood. Now we are thinking again. Adelaide goes awfully quiet when we are thinking.

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