Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cost cutting and profit margins

Can't help but think companies and workplaces will run themselves into the ground if they keep pushing the hard line of anyone will do. Hiring ill equipped staff who are socially and mentally inept must be putting pressure on the ones who are competent, capable and able to adapt. One course I did taught me very well and the message I was given was that you have to employ the person who can do the job under the circumstances at the time. So one person might be great in 2010 but by next year things will have changed and if that person cannot adapt and has no flexibility and nothing to draw on...they become a dead weight others are pulling along to meet the requirements of the position. It's not just being there that is is being present. You need someone who can work through the myriad of issues which come up in a day from computers going down, orders not turning up, two staff members down and a phone which keeps ringing. Our jobs are pretty damn busy. So what I am noticing is good people are being run into the ground and shipped around to hold things together elsewhere. We need to lift our game and value who we have and get them all contributing...and if they aren't, we need to get people who are contributors. Basically, we need well educated, enthusiastic, competent , independent thinkers . I can think of some companies which are running like that and you can see the difference. Those companies and workplaces which are not looking at the human factor at work are under siege and have miserable workers add the current under staffing trend and the whole lot is a recipe for disaster. I don't have all the answers but I do think we need to take the strain off good people or we are going to watch a few places crash...crunch...wobble and collapse. Do we care?

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