Friday, April 23, 2010

Charcoal chooks endangered

"Whenever there's a primary product like charcoal that's being produced by farmers and there's a scarcity of a source like wood to burn to make charcoal, the price does go up and it does fluctuate," he said.

The article says that environmental groups want farmers to stop using wood to produce the charcoal which we use to cook our chooks.  There is nothing wrong with looking after our environment and there is nothing wrong with looking at how we can better use our raw materials. Sometimes it means we have to change. A healthy planet is a good one but when it is close to home and affecting businesses then there needs to be a collaboration approach to problem solving. Blaming will achieve nothing. it won't help the businesses and it won't help the environment. pity the bottom line always seems to be money but when we run an economy then it is of prime concern because we want individuals to be self supporting and contributing to the GNP. Adelaide runs on cooked chooks and bananas. The cooked chickens just walk out the shop. There must be another way of cooking them or better utilising available wood? Seven years ago they had a problem in Sydney with charcoal chicken shops  because of the smell. Councils and uni students worked on it together. Was there an improvement?

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