Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Business Competition

West Torrens Council's Development Assessment Panel has approved the Woolworths application.
William Fares has run a United petrol station in Marion Road in Adelaide's western suburbs for two decades.

Classic, so classic. Films are made of this stuff. They reach out and touch people these films...big business damaging small business because competition is "healthy" and acceptable. I feel sorry for William Fares. He now represents the thousands, perhaps millions of people whose lives have been rearranged by big companies. Oh no, it is not the company's fault..They are allowed to apply to the council. Oh no, it is not the council's fault...they are allowed to approve plans. So William Fares is caught up in an economy and will represent those people who served their economy well until now. I'd like to think some negotiating and humanity could be put into this. I'd like to see William Fares being included in conversations which will allow him to manage what appears to be a blow to his whole life. There are petrol stations which come one after the other on the South Road and  Marion Road at Richmond is probably busy enough to manage two petrol stations but he pricing  of petrol will be an issue I suppose. Maybe people can offer  ways of managing this to Mr. Fares. I go to a smaller service station because it is friendlier and you get to know people and they get to know me. The price wouldn't change my mind unless it was a dramatic change in pricing over a sustained period and it would have to be unbelievable!  He needs a laptop, Twitter and a  Vlog!

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