Saturday, March 20, 2010

SA Election

We are so South Australian and I am proud of it. We have been very conscious of the fact that key issues for us have been being neglected or ignored. We have been conscious of the fact we have needed to be far more careful with the changes we have needed to make and we have been mindful of the fact we very much need to develop a strong identity of our own. We are , you see, South Australian and there are so many of us who are proud of what has been a state with a very unique identity and a very strong capacity to be strong and clear on issues. Lately we have not muddied the waters...we have run out of it! That in itself has been significant in our state. I can only reiterate what Bob Such has said so well tonight...there are some worrying things in our state and we need to develop and care about South Australia. So South Australians have done really well. I am proud to be South Australian. Our vote , at present, is showing that we have used our voting slips wisely to highlight what we wish to be highlighted. it means we have done our homework and we have thought about the best way we can deliver our message. In typical South Australian way we have managed to come up with a fairly detailed message which has information for all parties. I was so worried. We can't stagnate because we have no water...but we can run dry very easily....our message to the politicians is very clear...think about what you are doing to us and our state. We have some good politicians and we have encouraged them to think about us and our state. This is not a time for political tripe. What we need is well thought out action and a vision. Yes, corny as it might be...we need onya've done well!!

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