Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kids in court

More than 4000 children went before the courts during the year - a "worrying" figure, according to Victims of Crime Commissioner Michael O'Connell.
Mr O'Connell blamed alcohol and other drugs as a major factor for the dramatic increase.
"We need to address that problem," he said.

Is this the generation which hasn't been smacked? I mean smacked...not beaten. A lioness cuffs her cubs and a dog will growl and nip at her pups. Very rarely seen but it socialises the young. Is this also the generation with 2 working parents who have to work long and odd hours? Alcohol and drugs in the young? Those are to blame? So why are they taking drugs and alcohol so young? Who is supplying them? Why are surprised we have young out of control when we do not have a home environment which will socialise them? It is costing us dearly because we have focussed on money and acquisition and then high profit margins...and yes, the profit can come from supplying alcohol and drugs to the young...and then you play the blame game. Bit of restructuring of values is needed because the price is high. While we keep depowering, overloading and overworking the people who can help keep order - parents, teachers. police....and play the stupid game of consequences...which clearly do not work, then we shall end up with a lost generation.

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