Thursday, February 11, 2010


We have had more rain than the last two summers but we have so needed it. Today it was truly a gift in our lives. I don't mind hot. I don't mind hot and humid but SA used to be hot and dry and I don't mind that either. For most people constant heat is intolerable. They just get so sick and down with it. I'm like that in winter. This recent run has been hot and humid and it has had a really bad impact on a number of people and has driven them to plain not coping. Other places have consideration for snow, excess rain, excess cold...fog, sleet... In SA we get no consideration. We have to keep working through the heat and even though many of us have air conditioning at home and work, it is still hard. The air conditioners cannot run non stop and the buildings just heat up. This time it has been humid and the conditions have just got to everyone. Pushing themselves through a normal day has been too much and some people were ready to break. Some were breaking. Luckily the rain and the cooler conditions came just in time or I think the state would have crashed. In some countries there are weather alerts to remind people there are special conditions. We need to sit down and work out what is reasonable and what is extreme and needs consideration.

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