Sunday, February 28, 2010

Peter Garrett

But some of his caucus colleagues say Mr Garrett - a former rock star who fronted the hugely successful Midnight Oil - is privately considering an exit from politics.

Peter Garrett is a musician and a talented one at that. Midnight Oil were HUGE. They were a massive political influence as well as great musicians. Peter Garrett is learning it's a harsh world but he is also learning he needs to practise his art. He expresses himself on stage as a musician...not as the suited pollie he chose to become. His whole power as a person is expressed through his art. Off stage he is like a duck out of water. It's been our loss he left the stage and his sphere of influence in music because he and Midnight Oil were in a league of their own. All of this will add to him and , in the end, I am certain he will work it out.

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