Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am still amusing myself no end on FarmVille. Games like this have done wonders for my stress levels and I shall never ever say again I do not play computer games!! My latest effort is buiding my little pond with the new lotus flowers. These flowers are just so beautiful and it is a great pity they are only available for a limited time. All sorts of things pop up on FarmVille. I am not very keen on the collections because they are bit of a non event even if they pay well. The building expansions are very restrictive if the friends you have do not help. There are times when FarmVille is too neighbour dependent. I loved the valentine sheep and I really like the carnival trees...I guess there is something for everyone whether you want to pay or not. I don't pay. My spare cash goes to World Vision. Some people think I am silly for planting and harvesting my time away but I feel so much better now. Why wouldn't I if it works?!

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