Sunday, February 07, 2010


It oughtn't surprise anyone teenagers are on Facebook and not blogging or on Twitter. Facebook is where you keep in touch with everyone. It's a social network and you can keep up to date with everyone and everything, play a few games, check out the groups. It is just a social network. Twitter is purpose built and if we cannot see the purpose , then we don't need it. It can be very good to keep a following of people for specific information would be incredibly useful in times of fire and emergencies because a lot of people are on mobile networks. it is also handy to keep up with transport...but as a social network it doesn't work because most people are on Facebook! Blogging for teens is probably not the thing any more because they are not really writers and just want the quick catch ups. Some post long articles on Facebook and these are often very well written. I think we are just getting used to all the web 2 stuff and are now finding homes and uses for the different apps. That's the whole point , isn't it?

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