Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Computer TV

I love having TV on my computer! I ran it first on my laptop. When I installed Windows 7 on my desktop the Media Centre only picked up SBS Channels. The Artec software picked them all up and could run them all. The thing is this. Windows Media Centre is very good. It's a nice programme and I was recording things on SBS without a problem. I don't mind watching SBS at all. So then I swapped to a cheap antenna instead of the fancy expensive one and the media centre can pick all the channels up now , like the Artec software, but now it no longer plays SBS nor the ABC but I can get Channel 7 really well!! This is disappointing. Artec is telling me I can pick up and run all channels. The media centre is telling me there is no signal!! Very frustrating. Interesting that a cheapo antenna runs the TV far, far better than an expensive one!!

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