Friday, February 05, 2010

Buckland Park

Others warn the new township of Buckland Park unnecessarily extends the urban sprawl and is at risk of becoming an isolated "ghetto".

There is a current trend to stop people wearing the "black hat" and criticising or nit picking anything lately. Black hatter comments simply put the brakes on and come up with all the counter arguments so people don't walk blindly into things. I don't care what people say. I don't care if it's positive or negative. The more people say, the more information I have and the better decision I can make...particularly when it comes to  building a township up north on a flood plain! We have a history of failed grand ideas with regard to self sufficient, isolated townships. Can't blame us for being skeptical. Then we have a massive water shortage and drought putting in even MORE houses is not going to help...but they'll be flooded on a regular basis so maybe there will be water savings there. Then there is the small matter of the poor public transport coverage and service. The stuff which runs is fine...but heaven help you if you work outside of 9-5 or live outside of Adelaide. Now, you wouldn't think anyone would be throwing money at this without thinking it is going to make a good profit and work? We can't see it ourselves. I really think we need to see plans and think about this because it would be great to have a northern area which shines and does well for itself.

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