Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adelaide Travel Expo

All the states are having a travel expo and it's a great idea. Ours is usually held at the Adelaide Convention Centre right in town but this year it was moved to the Entertainment Centre. I thought it would be too much of a long haul drive, but it wasn't and I am so glad I went. The worst bit was the roadworks all around Adelaide so that you had to keep taking detours.It's annoying! Once there there was lift off! I was incredibly impressed with Infinity Travel, so much so I booked tow trips. They not only understood what I needed , they also were so well trained and knowledgeable they could add to that. They made it very easy. I was also impressed witht he lady at teh Darwin stand. She was very helpful and so relaxed. it made you feel like you were on holidays already...but when I came to ask about Broken Hill at another stand, well, what was I thinking? I got almost laughed at and given short shrift. I hung on to my politeness and persisted but I must say that was not good. Neither of those people were interested and thought I was silly to ask about Broken Hill. My tourist dollar is staying at home this year because of the financial situation, so it was disappointing to see regional Australia dealt with so poorly. Tasmania was represented well and again, the woman was enthusiastic, friendly and very genuine in her help. It was great and so busy. I got there early but by 12 it was jam packed! Good on us and well done to the Flight Centre for putting together an very effective presentation in a new venue. There were bargains galore.

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