Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You gotta move it, move it!

Prof Dunstan said the findings suggested any prolonged sedentary behaviour, such as sitting at a desk or computer for work, could be risky.
The answer? "Move more, more often."

Again TV is being blamed but I'd say people sit more these days because of computers. A lot of people don't watch TV anymore but increasingly schools and work are shifting over to flatbumming in front of a computer screen and then we carry on with that at home. This is why the Wii and similar have been such good inventions. They at least have got people off their bottoms in a way people like. It worries me a lot of children are brought up in homes with little or no garden. They can't go running freely or play back yard cricket or golf. I know quite a few people build in home gyms these days but I wonder just how many people use them on a regular basis. Sitting all the time is neither healthy nor living and I guess we all need to take responsibility for our health. It is not something you hand over to society.

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