Monday, January 11, 2010


The Special Olympics National Games in Adelaide in April need 250 more volunteers. Director Jenny Daly said: "We're halfway there, but need everything from people to do meet-and-greets at the airport to field umpires and merchandise sellers. Lots of spots are available."

We have a packed events calendar this year and the big events like The Tour Downunder get volunteers  but then we lose the plot and can't keep an eye on everything going on in Adelaide.  Apparently we had 600, 000 volunteers last year and that was not much different from before. That is an incredible amount of volunteer work for a state of this population. We need to get the information out there in front of us. We have been surviving hte gruelling work regime, Christmas, New Year and now the heat. We have been very busy! There are probably more people who would volunteer if they could keep track of what is on and when and then they would need the encouragement to know they have the skills to do the jo. That is the other part of Adelaide we tend to overlook. Sometimes we underrate ourselves and when it's hot and we are Christmassed out, then we need a few pointers to help us think in the right direction! It is very encouraging to know we have got such a packed social calendar and we have been appreciative of it. There is a really good feel in Adelaide right now.

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