Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tour Downunder 2010

It's lycra season again in Adelaide and as is usual, the guys are all complaining because the bikes get in the way of their driving and the women are seriously silent taking in the views. We have a city of strong bike riders and it has always been an interest and pastime here. Some people are awesomely fit and others just like to use their bikes to get around the place. In Adelaide it takes all kinds, but in lycra season there is a surge of well honed bodies on bikes which just fly along our freeways and highways with amazing ease. I am in awe of how these guys just breeze there way up and down our hills. We are very hilly and there are superb views of the coast, the beautiful blue ocean and then, on the other side the hills. In the country areas it's bitumen and brown at this time of the year but there are glorious spots of gum trees and the views are panoramic. So when the Tour Downunder is here there is a certain amount of confusion with regard to reaction but everyone loves the thrill of the chase and then the clear dedication of professional riders. Lance Armstrong got quite a fun run going with his surprise outing organised through Twitter. The guys will learn to give way to the riders and the women will just sit silently with their thoughts. The Tour site is just full of information and pics and loads effectively and is very quick to negotiate. Stage One starts tomorrows in our beautiful wine district of Clare and ends in Tanunda and at this stage the weather isn't going to be as cruel as it has been. Riding in 40 and over is a tough gig but these riders have proven time and again they are fit enough for such a challenge.

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