Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flying Foxes disrupt power supply.

"It's basically shorted out the power lines between them and caused a bit of an explosion and our protection has operated as it should to clear the line."

It happened on the north coast of NSW when a colony of flying foxes flew in. A lot of people lost their power supply and some of the flying foxes lost their lives, which is a bit sad. It doesn't say in the article if this is normal for this time of year or if it is an unusual occurrence. The other thing it doesn't mention is how many flying foxes constitute a colony...was it a lot of flying foxes? I assume yes to cause that amount of disruption to over 10,000 homes. I am fascinated by this. Every once in a while you get a story where our lives cross the lives of the wild species which live here. Sometimes the stories are horrible because it is about us depriving them of their habitat. This one is about a clash of I want to know! Details, people!

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