Saturday, January 02, 2010


FarmVille has been a runaway success over the last couple of months on Fcebook. Zynga has to be congratulated for making it a lot of fun and for listening to its fans and game players and then trying to work in a few  of its own surprises. Today so many of us have suffered from the dreaded "enhanced" screen. We are all thinking if we get any more enhanced we'll just be far too good for this planet! The theme approach has worked well and got some really creative stuff going. Hallowe'en had high appeal and the Christmas/New Year festive stuff has just made everyone so happy and creative. It has encouraged good will and laughter. Some people are so inspired when they are given raw materials to work with. Others are just dedicated to manufactured farming and the lining up of trees and animals just so they can get cash...maximises their plot size for cropping and experience points. Zynga has had to contend with all sorts of sites claiming to make the game so easy to level up and win. It all seems a bit of a scam and so pointless...but an indication of just how successful this game has become. Zooming through the levels with trees and animals in rigid tight lines seems soul less. Some are determined to win at any cost. The latest scam seems to be a farm bot.If that is allowed there will be no point in playing. I like to do well but I also like to change my farm and see that as the thing which I value the most...creating a look. I have learned it has worked wonders for my stress levels and has also brought me back to Google Chrome. Chrome can handle the flash. Firefox and IE cannot.

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