Saturday, January 30, 2010


After going head-to-head in a radio debate over land tax yesterday morning, the pair spent the rest of the day trading barbs.

Know what? I don't actually think we care. We are so fed up with SA pollies being totally divorced from who we are and what we want, that we are finding it very difficult to decide whom we shall vote for. The main pollie shave become so self absorbed and insular they have no real appeal so their arguing and carrying on will have no impact other than to irritate us further. We realise we are being backed up and held in a stagnant pond no matter what they say. We know our heritage is being ruined, our towns and cities are being knocked down and rebuilt and we are constantly in a state where we are being pushed into a lifestyle which is not SA. We are horrified with the way our heritiage has been bulldozed and our hills decimated. We are bothered by the constant development and then the public transport which cannot cater to our changed working hours. We start at 5 and we work weekends. We don't have a working week or working hours. Our kids are all over the place at school and we do not have the self assurance of the Eastern states. Could be why we have started to swear a lot. Vision is a hackneyed word these days but we need someone who can move SA back to its position of strength and allow it to grow with its own personality. It always was a forward thinking state of unique character. Not any more. So squabbles will neither further us nor help us choose. We want someone we can relate to and who relates to us.

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