Monday, January 11, 2010

Bushfire hazards

A push is being made to impose a 'gawkers fine' on sightseers who hang around bushfire zones.

I can understand why we have reached this point and why the mayor of Port Lincoln wants fines. Anyone who is needlessly in a bushfire area is a menace to themselves, others and those trying to bring the fire under control. After the Victorian fires last year then human life has to be the priority. Remember the stories of women in the olden days who used to bring out their knitting while people were being beheaded? Human nature hasn't changed. Fire is compellling and Port Lincoln is the sort of area where people know each other. People chase hurricanes around America. There is a fascination with natural catastrophes. It is not as heartleass as it seems nor as stupid as it seems. I think there is plenty of historical precedent for this sort of gawking. Our top priority has to be keeping the people in a bushfire area safe and then ensuring rescue teams can get in unobstructed. So, can we appeal to common sense? Can we show people how difficult they are making it? Can we block roads and turn people back...but that would cost precious time and not solve problems of congestion. We are going to have to do something if people are gawking because time means lives.

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