Monday, January 25, 2010


Towards the end of last year after we had repaired our gardens yet again with back breaking slog to undo the heart breaking damage of the drought and water restrictions in SA there were a few days of extreme heat and Adelaide just lost it. We couldn't bring ourselves to garden. We rebelled and did nothing. We just left our gardens and that was such a blow for us . We love our gardens. We get a lot of pleasure and relaxation from gardening. So then the govt changed the water restrictions so we could manage our watering during the week. For me that has meant so much because I think about when and where to water and how to keep my plants going. it also means I can keep down the dust. Adelaide is so dusty when it is constantly dry. We have had some rain through the heat as well and that has helped . Garden and home magazines have really come on side with inspiration for making a good water efficient gardens and then Bunnings has come to the rescue with great pots, planters, landscaping materials , water saving plants and really good prices. We have been out in force to Bunnings. It is always so busy and happy and for us it is truly an Aladdin's cave. At the New Year's Day breakfast our gardens came up and oddly enough it was the women who gave Bunnings the biggest thumbs up. We all agreed it was just a treasure trove in there and that, in fact, we'd rather spend a day in Bunnings than at the clothes shops !!

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