Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ATM theft fizzer

HAPLESS thieves have bungled their attempt to steal an automatic teller machine from a northern NSW hotel, crashing their getaway car and leaving at least one offender injured, police said.

I should think the police would be laughing and that they'll be even happier when the thieves are caught. So, at what point in the day do you sit with your friends and think...Got no money, think I'll just go and steal the ATM? I just can't even get the headset. And then, having stolen said ATM, apparently without being noticed (?????), you then decide to crash your car into someone else's. One of them is injured so there is some hope of picking them up that way....but surely someone noticed the ATM being taken out of the pub??!! Let the police know. I know it was in the early hours...but it would have to have caused quite a bit of noise.

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