Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Windows 7

Windows is now on my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop. I was told when I bought it there would be another gigabyte of RAM accessible when I installed the next version of windows (i.e.) Windows 7. No such luck. Still has 3 gigabyte of ram. It took an hour and a quarter for the upgrade a 15 minute advantage over the Dell hybrid desktop installation of yesterday. It lost my Firefox short cut and Explorer just isn't what I want. I can't skin it as easily. I can't get the toolbar how I want it and it doesn't manage the flash things as well. It suits a lot of people. Not me. Windows 7 is still pretty cool though and smooths out the computer operation no end. I like the icons in the toolbar which minimise your pages and bring them up like the Apple. It does it better than my MacBook and it shows thumbnails of the pages side by side if you have more than one open. I like all of that. This installation didn't lose my sidebar. It did lose my sticky notes which annoys me because I had reminders on there! I look forward to exploring Windows 7 because my impression is that it operates better than Vista...and I liked the shiny of Vista, so I shall be looking hard!

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