Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Windows 7

I have just installed the Windows 7 upgrade form Vista on my Dell Hybrid desktop and can't wait to get it onto my laptop. On my laptop it will free up another gigabyte of ram. The upgrade took a good hour and a half and I wrapped and packed presents and made cups of tea. It is not a slick install but it is very efficient and straight forward. Put the disk in, choose upgrade and an hour and a half later I am laughing. The computer is going like a bomb and I can get split screens just like in the good old Windows days...put one Windows screen next to the other. What were they thinking to get rid of that? It changed the display settings so they were all BIG and in my face so that was easily fixed. I was online the whole time and so it connected to get what it wanted to ensure a safe landing on my desktop. It's not classy like Vista but it is very efficient and seems to be as stable as XP. I got the impression they had decent coders on it this time because it was so no frills and real coders tend to avoid the show pony stuff. I now have giant icons on my task bar so it feels a bit kiddie to me but if first impressions count - I am sold on this new Windows. Handles the flash stuff really well and that's a relief for me. I paid the 40 dollars extra for the version to install on 3 computers. I wonder how long a clean install takes?

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