Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weird Weather

The bureau of meteorlogy tells me it will be 26 today. My computer tells me it's 17 at the moment and I am freezing. I am seriously contemplating getting a jumper to put on! It is cold, overcast, dull and grey. Hardly summer in Adelaide. We had one day of 40 and everyone complained like hell. Not me. I was warm. This was Adelaide and summer. No, I don't go walking around in the heat...but I do expect it to be hot in summer and I like it hot. I cannot stand this dull , grey cold muck which is nothing like an Adelaide summer. Yesterday it got finer later on but I kept myself warm cooking. Must have affected people maybe because town was unusually quiet for this time of year...maybe they were all cooking. There is no sense of panic about Christmas. It is really fun with the customers in the shops. Everyone is relaxed and thinking about what to buy for Christmas and we have all been enjoying it. We have such lovely food at the moment and okay, some of us are up and out early and think fresh food will be immediately available at an ungodly hour. No, they need time to get it out. I feel sorry for the fresh food people, some of whom are up at 3.30 am at least to get in early to make things nice for us. I haven't been impatient at all because our Adelaide food people are doing a great job and we need to appreciate the effort they are going to to bring us some really good choices. It is hard on them when they are up early and most shops are running on a shortage of staff because that saves money. Saves money, breaks people. Time we looked at why we are driving good people so hard.

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