Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nearly Christmas!

It's getting pretty busy around the shops but everyone still seems to be in control. The shops have a happy festive feel and shop assistants who are doing incredibly long hours, especially in fresh food, need to be congratulated and thanked for keeping it all turning over so well. They must be exhausted. Some are starting at 4am. Starting work. at 4 am. So when are they getting up??? It will be a long, hard day but hopefully we can provide them with appreciation and cheer to keep them going. The fresh food is just waking out of the shops so it's nice to know we are looking after ourselves by enjoying what is on offer. I have two more things to make...the honey meringue icecream cake and the cajun chicken and then I can seriously settle into Christmas Eve with the family. It is worth all the effort just to make it festive and special.

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