Sunday, November 22, 2009


I have just installed a dual boot Windows Vista and Ubuntu 9.10 thanks to Wubi. This is my idea of a good time and a perfect computer. I am running Ubuntu now on my Dell Inspiron 1525. It took 30 mins because it is all automatic. Wubi just does it all for you and I have a lovely floral background (!) and a pretty nice theme but I confess it is not as nice as my chocolate theme under 9.04. On my to do list. Why dual boot? I get fed up with Vista. It's like dragging the whole world around. Ubuntu is wonderfully light and straight forward except for the daft thing I came across this morning where I cannot easily rename my newly acquired flash drive. I can follow all the Terminal stuff and will do that eventually if I have to. In terms of security , it's not such a bad thing. Maybe relabelling flash drives should not be so easy as a couple of clicks. So now I'll keep you posted on how I go. I confess the dual boot interface is not as cruisy as my MacBook dual boot which is visual. Ubuntu dual boot is text based and might put our visual users off. Ubuntu is like coming on holidays...I really like it and the world ought to be able to have choices these days. Choices are very this millennium

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