Friday, November 06, 2009


South Australia has some interesting work force problems at the moment.Perhaps they are world problems. There are some first class, highly reliable, extremely competent people who are being pushed to the limit because there are some totally irresponsible, lackadaisical, unreliable workers. It is getting to the stage where people are working enormously long shifts or having to multi task in a very stressful way in order to keep work places going. The problem is some people can talk the talk at the interviews obviously. They must look and sound the part. But they can't be there every day. They can't do a normal day's work and they are not able to be on time or go that extra mile. That is all for someone else. So what are we to do? Judging by the number of kids on the streets then they cannot all be on swot vac. They are often with their parents , so are kids the new companions? What is school attendance like and punctuality? You see kids wandering at all hours. They are not studying on the street and work places are no longer places where you can slack off. Everyone has to be on the ball all the time. So those people who are reliable and who can fill gaps and mess manage are holding all together. It will blow out. We need to have a good hard look at work place conditions. Most people like working and now we have a whole group who believes they shouldn't really have to do much, but most people will work and be happy...a lot are being pushed too hard and too fast. We need some equity.

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