Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pocket Technology

It's all in your pocket...instant communication and internet access. Some people seem to be so dependent on this mobile technology and enough has been said about the daft conversations you become victim to. It's about discounting others and discounting the real world. A lot of people seem to be drifting away from the Net and computers because they do value their real relationships and real life more. Others are becoming more entrenched. How it pans out will be interesting because a lot of 30 somethings have rediscovered and are rediscovering their human roots. A lot of teens are hooked up but they don't actually engage much with the Net other than the odd social network update or games, games games. Reaching them will be hard. Even the news has had to  modify itself. Not for the new generation, the sitting in front of the TV being read the news. They check web updates and headlines and then seem to like their news reinterpreted through a news entertainment and information show. Some of these are good to watch though. Yes, the opinions are there, but so is mine and it's more active under those conditions...but the world in your pocket is going to transform us and may well disengage then what will advertisers do?

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