Monday, November 30, 2009

Net Free Zone

24 hours without internet access is the pits. Some monumental stuff up out there brought it about. I was totally impressed with my ISP. I rang twice to see what on earth was going on and twice the menu navigation was quick and I got HUMAN contact within a minute. Those humans were very helpful and very human...they were quite soothing because I was going mental! I was like a lost sheep...bills to pay, emails to send, facebooking to do...and maybe blogging. I was also going to look up Windows 7 because I got a new desk top at a BARGAIN price and was ready to go....What I did do was tidy all my old computer so my sister can have it and then tidy up my computer stuff so now I can find things...but oh boy, it's hard without he Net.... I did bake a lovely orange poppy seed cake, though!

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