Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm melting, I'm melting!

Not really. Some like it hot. I am one of them. I feel much better in this weather. The rest of Adelaide seems to be melting , though, and has done nothing but complain about the heat! I couldn't stand the cold, wet, grey days with wind and rain. I felt totally miserable but it gets no sympathy. The sympathy is with those who cannot stand the heat. Australia is a hot country. We have pools and beaches. We have air conditioners. I am happy to be lovely and warm and not to have to wear layer upon layer of clothing. When it's cold I look like a Yeti. It is just so good to be in T Shirt and shorts. The worst bit is not being able to sufficiently water the garden. My lovely garden is dry already and it will look horribly by Christmas when I want it to look nice. The rain had done it a power of good, so now we are back to dustbowl season and I don't appreciate that.

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